2.6.4 Drobo Dashboard Release

Drobo 5D, Drobo Mini, Drobo 5N, Drobo Gen 3, Drobo 800FS, Drobo B800i, Drobo B1200i

Drobo Dashboard 2.6.4

Type of Release:
Web Release

What’s in this release?:

This is a very important Dashboard release for a number of reasons:

[]ISCSI Initiator has been removed from this release:
]- KB 353 has been updated: What is iSCSI and what should I be aware of when setting up my Drobo?
[*] If a customer is using an ISCSI device and upgrades to 2.6.4 they will not lose the initiator

[]Password Reset:
] Customers now have the ability to reset their own passwords
[*]- KB448/KB300 have been updated:

[]Below a list of the rest of the updates:
]Fixed: Several Thunderbolt related issues introduced with the release of OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
[]Fixed: A few crashes seen on Windows based hosts
]New: Password Reset is a feature that allows users to reset their Drobo device password within Drobo Dashboard, and it is tied to our support portal for user validation.
[*]Removed: ATTO iSCSI initiator as a bundled packaged within Drobo Dashboard for Mac OS installs. Upgrades from a previous Dashboard release to 2.6.4 will continue to work, when iSCSI is used. Newer Dashboard installs will prompt the user to visit ATTOs website to obtain such package if needed.

Full release notes are located here.


Drobo Support

I’m currently running:

Mac OSX v10.10.2
Drobo Dashboard v2.6.4

After updating to DDv2.6.4 the Dashboard no longer detects my DroboPro connected via FireWire 800; however, the OS does detect the drives and they are mounted successfully. Any guidance you can provide to resolve this issue is greatly appreciated.


Why haven’t you pulled 2.6.4? It’s causing tremendous headache for almost all users.

We are reviewing the current 2.6.4 release, and still working on fixing the DAS Icon issue. We will be releasing a new version of Dashboard once we have corrected the DAS issue, and it has gone through QA testing.

Drobo Support

Same here. Dashboard cannot see my Drobo, but the disks still mounts. Very frustrating.

Mac OSX v10.10.2
Drobo Dashboard v2.6.4
DroboPro FW 800

I’m afraid this isn’t just an issue related to 10.10.2. After updating my drobo dashboard to v2.6.4 my Mac running 10.7.5 (Lion) no longer detects my Drobo’s at all. The OS still mounts the Drobo’s and I’m able to access the Drobo’s just fine.

I get a message stating: “A required portion of Drobo Dashboard is no longer running, please re launch and try again or re install…” I followed all the un-install/re-install instructions to a perfect T and still the dashboard does not work.

Yes. 2.6.4 is a debacle. The fact Drobo hasn’t pulled it, frankly, scares me.

I’m running Dashboard 2.6.4 on Windows 7. No issues at all here.

Wanted to share that I figured a work around. I used the install CD that came with my Drobo S and reinstalled an old version of drobo dashboard. Through the old version dashboard I was able to update to the version just below the version that caused the problem.

Now, drobo dashboard recognizes my drobo units and I can go on using them without having to buy new units just to receive support. It is clear that the latest version of drobo dashboard was intended to make obsolete older units. If this is true… I don’t know what to say…

So I fell down the 2.6.4 rabbit hole today, wondering if anybody else is in the same boat as me. I have a mac-mini running 10.7.5 and this is the second update of the Dashboard that doesn’t work. (2.6.2 wasn’t much better) I am connecting to a Drobo 5N. I un-installed and rolled back to 2.5.2, which is the last known version that has worked for me.

Should I work my way up from 2.5.2 -> 2.5.4 and then try 2.6.2? Or just stay put because things are working?


2.6.4 was working for a while but now it can’t find my drobo. I contacted support and got a VERY unsatisfactory reply that because it’s been over 90 days since I bought my drobo I had to either buy Drobo support or come here for a solution. I see from everything here that there IS no solution and Drobo isn’t helping. Customer service doesn’t seem to be a high priority here.

I’m running Snow Leopard and Dashboard 2.6.2 with 2 2nd gen Drobos connected via F800 on an older mac mini. The update to 2.6.4 failed with the same issue others report; that the install is telling me a required component is not running and that I should try reinstalling, yet the OS mounts them just fine. Any attempt at reinstalling fails, and I was forced to roll back to 2.6.2.

I think this issue is far more serious than what icon is showing up on the desktop. Please ask the developers to give this some priority.

Could you provide an update on the status of the new version. I’m not sure what the “DAS Icon” issue is. My problem is that 2.6.4 for OSX doesn’t work.

Drobo seems to be claiming that the only known issue in 2.6.4 is when you have a ‘direct-attached’ Drobo (Gen2, Gen3, 5D), the desktop icon shows up as a generic OS X icon and not the Drobo desktop icon.

Personally, I could care less about the icon. For me, 2.6.4 is broken in many other ways. With 2.6.4, Dashboard will not recognize all my direct-attached Drobo’s at the same time. Sometimes, it finds the 5D, other times the Gen3, occasionally the Gen2. But never more than one at a time and there is no order to which one is displayed.

Just a heads up. Drobo Dashboard 2.6.5 is released. Downloading now.

Having similar issue. Have Drobo 5D attached via Thunderbolt to my iMac. running Yosemite. Just bought a Drobo 3rd Gen attached via USB 3. Dashboard 2.6.4. 5D shows up as Drobo icon and shows up in Dashboard. Drobo 3rd Gen shows up on desktop as generic drive, doesn’t show up in Dashboard, and often only opens up to blank window when double clicked (in other words, I can’t access any files on it). Requires reboot (sometimes multiple) to finally access. What gives?

We do apologize for the trouble are you experiencing - We do recommend you download Drobo Dashboard 2.6.5, this release is auto update so you should have been prompted to update. TY.

Thanks - for some reason, I was not being prompted to update until today. I even went online and it stated I had the latest update. I’m downloading now and will see if all is well…

Update Mar 25, 2015: Installed 2.6.5 and both my Drobo Thunder and Drobo 3rd Gen are showing up on desktop and in Dashboard. So far, 3rd Gen seems stable and responsive. Have only booted up a couple of times since update, but so far it’s made a huge difference in accessing the 3rd Gen Drobo.

Please review the following knowledge base articles:

To properly uninstall the Dashboard:


Also, for the 5N - direct connect the Drobo 5N to the ethernet port on your Mac to see if it is then discovered.


In System Preferences > Firewall, please make sure DDService64d is Allowed ( Green )

Does anyone have the older version of the dashboard? I can’t seem to find the software anywhere. It shocks me that they would release an app with such a wide ranging flaw. I have had my Drobo for less then three weeks and this is makes me want to return it.