1st Gen will not take firmware update


I bought my Drobo used, and it currently has firmware 1.1.2 [1.201.12942] according to Drobo Dashboard. I am running Dashboard 1.5.1.

The unit will not recognize any drives inserted. When I insert a drive, i get the following message: “The set of disks you have inserted are incompatible with the Firmware runnning on your Drobo. There may be an update that allows you to use these disks. Please make sure that your Drobo is using the latest Firmware.”

I have attempted a firmware updated using my Win XP laptop, my Vista laptop, and my OSX 10.4.11 macbook pro, all unsuccessfully. It tells me that 1.3.0 is available, but it always fails. I have also tried the manual update procedure on all 3 computers with no success (download tdz file, CTRL click, etc). Every time i try to update (automatically or manually) I get a message saying " The Drobo Firmware update was unsuccessful"

This unit has been sitting here for days and it’s driving me mad that I can’t use it. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you updating with or without the drives in?

Are the drives from a previous drobo?

I would recommend trying to update connected usb with no drives in the drobo.

I believe the drives that he supplied with the unit were used in a different Drobo yes. The original Drobo he sold me had cosmetic damage so he sent me a new Drobo unit but the same HDDs.

I attempted the firmware update both ways (with a HDD in bay 1 and without any drives). Neither way worked.

Should i try reformat the drives before using them in the Drobo?

Then do a PIN reset of the drobo with the drives in.

Safely shut down Drobo or safely shut down DroboPro.
Unplug the unit’s power cord.
Locate the small, unmarked, reset pinhole. On Drobo, you will find it next to the power connector.
Insert a straightened paper clip through the pinhole and depress the switch inside.
While still depressing the switch, reconnect power.
Hold the switch depressed until the power indicator starts blinking green.

This will take approximately 30 seconds.