1st Gen Drobo with Droboshare Migration

I’m ready to retire this setup in favor of a newer Drobo (5N). What is the fastest way to migrate the data to the 5N? I tried pluggin the Drobo directly to a Mac and a PC and the Drobo is recognized, but the Mac wants to initialize it, the PC doesn’t produce a drive letter. Is this disk-pack not readable by either platform since it’s formated for a Droboshare? I am on Firmware 1.3.7 on the Drobo. Any help is appreciated.

Depends how you initially formatted the Drobo. I believe it defaulted to ext3.
Do you have the dropbear SSH DroboApp installed? An rsync from the Droboshare to the 5N might be the fastest way, rather than having a computer as a middleman.

Yes it ext 3 if i recall. I don’t have any apps installed. Is this a complicated setup. Im pretty tech savvy, but really haven’t dabbled in drobo aps. Can you provide a brief explanation on how to do this? Many thanks.

ricardo, j_hah, diamondsw or one of the others is better suited to guide you through the *nux and apps side of things. My expertise lies more on the Windows side.

If you want to read your ext3 Drobo from your Windows machine, you can try the freeware Ext2 Installable File System for Windows. Yes, it can read ext3 as well