1st drive bay broken?

Hi people,

I’m having an issue with a DroboFS and before I turn this into a support ticket I just wanted to check if someone knows this problem or can tell me I’m doing something wrong maybe.

I had a disk fail in the 1st drive bay of a DroboFS, which I tried to replace with another disk (same size, 2TB). But when I put it in, nothing happend, the red led just kept flashing. So I tried 3 other hard drives that I had laying around. I checked them with disk utility on the Mac to see if they are working ok, but the same problem applies here, nothing happens when I slide them in, the red led keeps flashing, while all 4 other drives are steady “green”.

The DroboFS continues to work fine but I’m afraid of what might happen if a second drive fails now.

Am I to impatient or could it be my FS has a broken drive bay?

That’s odd… It should go to a rebuild state. Sounds like it’s not “noticing” the new drive?

If all the other bays are solid green, Drobo has already rebuild the array with fault tolerance, so should be be okay if another drive dies.

Have you tried rebooting the FS with the (formerly) red-flashing bay empty?

Does drobodashboard see that bay as populated with anything when a hard drive is inserted?

If you have drobocare, I’d say do the advance replacement and then migrate the disk pack (as one, with power completely off while migrating all) to the new unit. Once all lights are green on the new unit then insert a replacement drive in slot one and it should be good to go.

Thanx for the replies!

I just rebooted the DroboFS in hope that it would “notice” the new drive, but now it gives all bays red, with the warning that I inserted a wrong drive or drive from another drobo. I’m doing this remotely so I can’t check to see what happens if I take out the drive again and restart the Drobo. I hope it will return to it’s former state otherwise I am screwed BIG TIME!

I will go have a look tomorrow on site but I hope someone can give me some comfort, otherwise I won’t be sleeping very much tonight :[

I find that sometimes my Drobo needs a full “cold boot.” You could try that. You could also try booting with no drives installed, to see if the box went to the Great Array In The Sky.
It’s all the comfort I can offer, sorry.

hmmm… sounds like onsite visit is necessary. Try not to make any more drive changes (Except that one red slot) to facilitate protection of your existing data.

I know that once a hard drive has been “Seen by” the drobo, it marks it with a special tatoo of sorts, which could be complicating your testing and resolve.

For example, if you download the freeware (GPL) software called “DBAN” (Dariks boot and nuke) which is made to wipe hard drives of all data, you might be successful in removing this drobo “signature” on one or more of the disks that you have previously installed in there with null results … and very possibly that could help turn your red frown upside down. Just a hunch.

I did a test one time with my B800i’s, where I took 4 existing drives from a previous drobo (of an 8 drive array) with data that I didn’t care about, and put in 4 new drives, and booted the drobo. The fun of “ALL RED LIGHTS EVERYWHERE” was expected and confirmed. I of course didn’t care about my data and knew that the drobo realized that some of the drives had the signature, but “too many” were removed for any data protection to survive. Through drobodashboard, I factory reset my drobo and it cleared out the all-red, alebit, my data was knowingly “all gone now” and it was zero percent full. Again, this was just my test, with data I didn’t care about, so I’m NOT recommending this in your case.

While that’s quite different than your situation, it proves to me that if drobo thinks certain drives should be in there, if you swap out multiple drives, now they have some sort of drobo signature on there that may be further confusing the drobo. If this is the hypothesis, the DBAN trick on the single drive(s) that are not resolving the red light (just zeros, quickest way to blank a drive is necessary… although DBAN permits choices of wiping with DOD layer algorythms) allows for the drobo to hopefully try that “virgin drive” and you just might have better luck.

Or if the port is indeed damaged, well, that very well could prove it the other way.

I would caution AGAINST relocating any of the “known-good, working” drives as they have your data on it.

And finally, to add to what rdo said above, the “cold boot” is what I also recommend, the power button off, and then couldn’t hurt to also unplug A/C power for a few minutes, just to ensure that it restarts with a clean slate and see if then it can improve it’s ability to utilize slot1.

You didn’t previously answer, do you have drobocare on the unit?

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Thanks for the long reply zepcom!

I didn’t have time to follow up on my scary story, but I can tell now that the Drobo is up and running again with the data still in tact. I removed the drive from bay 1 while powerd down and after booting it up the Drobo went “all green” again, for bays 2-5, leaving bay 1 “blank” this time. Dashboard shows it’s status now as “empty”.

I contacted Drobo support (I think the Drobocare has ended by the way) and they asked me to send them some diags. I received the instruction to try and move the drive from bay 2 to bay 1 to see if that works but I’m actually quite scared to try things now, because the Drobo is still in the progress of making it’s initial Crashplan backup. I let them know, so I’ll see what they propose me to do.

I don’t really know if the array is safe now will one of the other 4 drives fail. It’s only 40% full so that’s not really a problem I guess.

Awesome progress; might be a good idea after crashplan all done to grab to another medium the most important stuff, just to further protect yourself. Having your data back and in good condition is a great recovery, but still suspect that bay#1 “carefully”.

After the logs are submitted, Drobo support can see if it noted “hdd bay one power fault” or “hdd bay one request-spinup-failed” or whatever they may be tagging known-failures (the things that the underlying OS of the drobo use to determine which drive bay light to turn which color;) triggered events could contain improvement information or confirmation of a physical slot malfunction, which could help determine what exactly is wrong.

Best of luck-


Good to hear your data’s intact. Definitely BACKUP FIRST. Then proceed with further investigation. :slight_smile:

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