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Brooks has been involved in 2,198 tackles these are never his tackle statistics along apt what the NFL officially considers a tackle. His NFL stats are closer to 1700 whether ESPN’s numbers (closest to lawful NFL) are acclimate among '95-'01. In order for Derrick Brooks to have two,198 tackles he would be averaging 157 tackles a yearly If you take among to consideration that his stats from 2001 ahead are lawful (NFL) after along to these tackle stats Brooks was averaging 185 tackles among '95 and '01. This namely highly unlikely and an incredible physical feat. Important apt memorandum tha Brooks has never navigate the league surrounded any season for tackles and has only been in the altitude 10 once within his career. It namely also important to memorandum Zach Tomas and Ray Lewis entered the NFL at relatively the same period and have consistently been among the top 10 within tackles each season since with a few exceptions.