16TB Limit

Hi Guys,

Ive just picked up a Drobo FS, poped in 5x5TB Hard drives, but seams that it will only give me 16tb, 2.12tb unallocated.

I have asked drobo for help, but they say as this unit is no longer under warranty they will not help me.

I understand that its supposed be able to have a 32tb limit.

Please anyone help as I cant get it to give me full 18tb to use, on single drive redundancy.

The Drobo FS only supports a 16 TB filing system - its an architectural limit with the version of Linux it uses.

The Drobo 5N supports a 64 TB filing system



Thank you for the information, much appriciated

Well, I didn’t know that there is 16TB limit on FS.
Without knowing that, I recently replaced my HDDs from 5 of 3TB WD Red to 5 of 8TB Seagate Archive HDDs.
I know FS does support up to 4TB HDDs and Seagate Archive is not recommended.
All this happened without knowing those facts.

I currently replaced 4th HDDs out of 5, recovering, and only one 3TB is left.
Luckily(?), my FS recognizes all the 4 of 8TB HDDs.

What happened to my FS?

hi sebastian, if things are going ok at the moment, and you just have 1 more drive to swap out, then it might just be that the drobo has been only ultilising the capacity up to its limit, and that after you finish swapping out the final non-supported 8tb archive drive, your data would still be there.

i would have expected any rebuilds that included archive drives, to take longer than the usual rebuild process, so am also wondering if you can remember any more details about how long the rebuilds have been taking, if you get a chance to make some notes? :slight_smile: