1200i boots to single red drive light

my 1200i has been randomly rebooting. yesterday it reboot and showed a drive missing, i reseated the drive and it was happy. today it rebooted three time, and come up with a single red light on drive one.

Anyone have any help or suggestions?

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one more bit of information.
The system Warning indicator light is yellow.

I hope that is a good thing.

Any help will be wonderful at this point

OK. Some more info pls.

Mac or Windows?
Cable connection used?
Has the firmware on the Drobo been kept up to date?
Is the Drobo Dashboard the current version?
What does your HDD array consist of?
Any recent changes to your array?

Windows system
Dashboard is current as well as firmware.
Im using the iscsi NICs and the Management to Cisco switches.
It fully populated with 10GB RED HD.
No recent changes to it till now.
yesterday after one of the reboots, it did flash one drive was bad. so I shut down the entire system and overnighted a drive in. I just got it, it come up was happy about the drive being there, said it was rebuilding, then it rebooted. it come up to the single red light again.
On one of my other drobos there was a trick to remove the drives power it on see if it comes up and is stable. That is where I am now.
Powered it off, ejected the drives, powered on.
It warns me that the drives are missing and to insert one here.
so far, it has not rebooted, suggesting the system is good, just something about the drives its not happy with.

I have also tried it with one power supply then the other unplugged to see if that was an issue. but that yielded the same results.

since it has booted up ok, Im going to do a controlled shutdown, reinstall the drives, then reboot and see if it stays up.

Does this give you any ideas?

Something I just notice, if its worth anything, is that when it reboots, the drive i replaced shows red for a few seconds then gs yellow with the rest of them.
While it is up, i scan through the drives and they all show good.
The controller say it has a bad battery.

Thanks - one thing to try if you have 2 spare HDDs:

Turn off the Drobo and remove the cables
Remove you current array in order and set aside
insert the 2 spare HDDs and restart the Drobo
Allow it to see and initialise the 2 HDDs and ensure you can see them on the Dashboard
Shut down and remove the 2 HDDs,
Replace with your original HDD array and restart.

Hopefully this will have flushed out any Drobo conflicts and identify if there are any further issues with your HDDs specifically.

Good Luck.

Sorry for the long delay on replying.

I dont have two 10 TB spares to try your suggestion. I may have two 500GB drives. ok to use those?

Will building a new array cause data loss (lost LUNs) when I put the existing sets back in?

Ii disconnected the network cables and one power supply. to see if that would help any.

The drive that had failed was showing red on the reboot, so I ejected that drive, rebooted the system. when it come up I put the drive in and it saw it.
it rebooted again but this time when it come up it said rebuilding. No network load make a difference??
It stayed up for the entire rebuild, Which was till monday night.
Once it finished. I reconnected one iSCSI network cable and started getting my data off of it.
Three hours later, it started the rebooting again. So I was frustrated and just shut it down for the night. unplugged every thing started again yesterday morning.
When I come in yesterday morning, put it back together and booted it up. It stayed up almost all day. So I think I got all the important Data off of it. Then late yesterday it started rebooting again. but seems to only reboot about every three hours now. not every three minutes.

I also unmounted volumes as I got my data off to help keep the load down on it while troubleshooting it.

I had LUNs 0-9 on it. to many for a 1200?
I had six servers sharing data from it. to much network? to much read/write for this unit?

So this morning, I have both power supplies plugged in but no network cables.
I’ll see if that makes a difference.

Let me know if you have any more ideas.
I am almost to the point of GOOD or BAD ideas to try.

Your 2x 500GB drives will do just fine for the temporary array.
There should not be any loss of data on your original array, as long as you remove them when the Drobo is off, marking them in order and then insert them in order again only when your Drobo is powered off.

From your recent experience, it suggests a HDD is causing issues, however the flush of the Drobo with the temporary array (2x500) may help to identify the culprit when the original array is put back. With the amount of data you are accessing, I would hope you are using Enterprise HDDs, as Consumer HDDs would fail under that load after some time, IMO, and I would be matching the RPMs for all HDDs too. Nevertheless, I’m glad you have retrieved most of your important data in the meantime and recommend maintaining an external copy of your data regardless of running a RAID system, for peace of mind.

I have thought there is another questionable drive within the array.
I saw on one of it reboots one drive lit in red. shortly after the boot it turned back to green.

it may be just marginal to pass.
I dug around and I did find two 2TB drives of questionable status.
If all it is needed is to stick them in and force a change in its state, these will do.

I am using REDs in the system. it was what was recommended when I got it.

Other things I have done is to turn off drive spin down. read that on another site
I also set the NICs back to 1500 MTU from Jumbo 9000 MTU. Thinking if it is the NICs, then It might be overloading it, might be bad ram on the card and its resetting it.

Today while verifying stuff I had gotten, it was only resetting every three hours. so that is workable for recovery.
Once the DATA is verified I’ll try to insert the two single drives.
I do keep backups of this stuff, but I discovered that someone had not been doing it, so I was doing it when it failed, so no complete backup for a long time.

Just a word of caution then.
Drobo recently dropped WD Reds from its HDD recommendations on their Choose Drive webpage, as new Reds are now SMR drives. They recommend Red Pros instead.

SMR have not been recommended for RAID setups. For more info on the emerging consumer SMR drives refer here:

Thats good to know about the drives.

Last week. I got to where
I could try the pull the drives and insert two more. This did not work.
I pulled the drives and drives and tried and it fussed about the the drives and wanted more. So, Im not sure if my suspect drives are bad or if it is something with the drobo.

Not sure where to go from here.
Based on your experience with the separate array (2 HDD) it suggests that the issue is with your Drobo unit not your drives. I suggest that you turn to Drobo Helpdesk.