10.6.x Xserve iscsi support??

I have a new xserve and a drobo pro which I would like to use iscsi with. Its seems to cut out all the network connections to the server every hour or so when running iscsi. Firewire seems OK. I’m running the server in 32 bit kernel mode in hopes the iscsi will be more stable, but am still having problems.


This article has me completely confused. Part of it says

–Drobo Dashboard 1.6.6 and later fully support OS X 64-bit mode. If you are running 64-bit mode on your Mac, please update Drobo Dashboard by clicking “Check for Updates”

great right…full support

but at the bottom its says

–If you are using Apple’s Xserve* 10.6, your Mac will boot into 64-bit mode. As indicated above, in 64-bit mode, you will need to connect to Drobo/DroboPro using FireWire or USB. Also, Drobo Dashboard will not detect your Drobo or DroboPro. Full support for 64-bit 10.6 is in development and will be in a future release.

Same article?? I’m so confused. Is there some thing special about the new xserves??
The xserves boot into 64 kernel by default, but you can change that by running this command.

sudo systemsetup -setkernelbootarchitecture i386

Im going to run it via firewire for now. iSCSI is what I paid for. I called drobo support yesterday and no help there.

Please help

Yes, using dashboard 1.6.6 is compatible with Snow Leopard in 64 bit.

I have asked to have that paragraph removed from the KB. That is a leftover from when 64 bit was not supported and unfortunately that paragraph wasn’t deleted on the update.

Are you on firmware 1.1.4?

Also what was your case number from support?

100106-000040 is my case number. I haven’t run the firmware update yet but will be doing so. My question is not regarding the dashboard more iscsi part of things.