1 Red 3 Red/Green

I have a gen-2 Drobo. Found Drobo with top drive light solid red and three lower lights flashing red/green. Capacity lights should have 8 blue with two highest off but it is reversed with only two highest on. Power light is green and no activity light. Dashboard does not detect Drobo. Removed top drive and inserted new higher capacity drive but there was absolutely no change in lights and no evidence that the new drive was recognized.

Powered down drobo, removed all drives, and rebooted. Drobo seems alive with drive light on top bay solid red. Firmware 1.3.5 Dashboard 2.4.3 wants me to add drive immediately into top bay. Other bays show empty.

I cannot find any useful information on the light status information.

Replaced all original drives and rebooted drobo. Now I get the expected result which is a drive failure on the top drive flashing red and the others flashing orange to not remove. Installed new drive which seems to be getting built (dashboard has data protection in progress for approximately 20 more hours) but the lights have gone back to flashing red/green on the front panel and green/yellow in dashboard.

Hopefully everything will work out and drobo will have done the job I bought it for i.e., survive a disk failure. However the way it did it doesn’t match the documentation.