1 of 2 volumes is at 99% active time, reading all the time.

What is happening to my drive? It is constantly spinning and having 12-20 mb/s read times with 99% active time on the drive all the time, when system is idle.

I can monitor it through the Windows Task Manager and it hasn’t stopped in several days. I wondered if it was indexing since I just rebuilt my Windows 10 system.

What’s the status of the lights on the Drobo? Is it in Data Protection mode or All Green?

I’ve had a few times where the unit seemed “very busy” when the iMac was basically idling away doing nothing. In my case the lights were all Green so I figured it was doing some maintenance work and left the machine go for a while and later when it was still doing it I simply shut the Mac down.

I didn’t have any issues with the unit after doing this. But, I have a second Drobo with a clone of the data plus Cold storage backups so the risk was rather low in my case.

All lights are green. Drive access light is green and flickering. I figure it is doing maintenance too, but didn’t know.