1.6 MB/sec on Linux Mint 14

Hello. I’m new here and have just bought a Drobo 5N to replace my FreeNAS computer for streaming Plex media. Plex works fine but my normal read and write spead to the networked Drobo is about 1.6 MB/sec on my Linux machine which is of course unusable slow. I tested on my laptop that duel boots Windows and the Windows side seems to be fine (not sure the speed but I ran the same small video and it ran fine on Windows).

I have no idea how Drobo is connecting to the network. I’m guessing samba. Is Linux’s samba that slow or am I doing something very wrong? I initially set up the Drobo under Windows with the gui they provide. I’ll boot back in there and take a look but I’m hoping someone here has had this issue and can give me some direction.


I had the exact same problem as you(1.6 MB/sec). After much googling, installed Gigolo and used that to mount the samba shares. Now my shares are usable on Linux. Not sure what the exact speed is now but it’s fast enough to play video off of the Drobo.