1.4.1 Causes Drobo 2 to crash regularly, and finally die.

Hi all,

New Drobo user here, and first time poster.
I have been sorta using my Drobo for the last 2 months.
I’m kinda shy with putting data on it because of all the
horror stories I had heard.

Everything had been going well, so I decided to upgrade
and toss some real data on it.
(This happened just days after 1.4.1 was released.)

After I upgraded from 1.4.0 to 1.4.1, all was ok for
about 5 minutes, then the Drobo crashed and rebooted.
Ok just a glitch I though (on 1.4.0 my Drobo had
crashed once, and just once, before and recovered
gracefully). Then probably 30 minutes later, crash again.
This continued every once in a while after about every
5 - 30 minutes of use.

Finally after the 4th or 5th time, It didn’t come back up.
It would either keep rebooting at startup or come up with
all red lights and Drobo Dashboard told me to re format
the disk pack.

At this point, I pulled out all the drives, downgraded to
1.4.0, and installed them again. Everything went fine from
here on in, and all my data came back without an issue.

My question is: is 1.4.1 safe to use yet? Or, is this a
problem with my Drobo unit its self? Possibly bad ram on
the motherboard or something along those lines?

TL;DR Upgraded to 1.4.1, Drobo crashed a lot, and finally
told me to erase and start over. I downgraded back to
1.4.0, got all my data back.



have you contacted support?

they will ask for your logs and hopefully tell you what is going on[hr]
have you contacted support?

they will ask for your logs and hopefully tell you what is going on

I didn’t consider that, I figured if I can stay on a version that seems stable, then just leave well enough alone.

The reason I bought a Drobo despite the horror stories is because I figured that most of the people think that by getting a Drobo they no longer have a single point of failure, and are surprised when they do something stupid and screw up the enclosure… In my opinion doing a firmware upgrade for a device that is working fine, has no need for it and has the ONLY copy of a set of data, is stupid.

That’s why I didn’t peruse it much further. But if they release some new features in the future, I would like to have them as a potential option.[hr]
I guess, my point is, has this happened to anyone else? Because I seem to be able to quite regularly reproduce it.

Even though it’s running OK on v1.4.0, I’d definitely get in contact with Support.

Obviously v1.4.1 is “touching” something bad - maybe it’s some bad memory that doesn’t get used in v1.4.0 (or isn’t being used yet) - so now that you’ve identified that the unit is unreliable, I would see about getting it fixed.

After all, v1.4.1 is supposed to work on your unit, so it’s not like you’re running an unsupported or beta configuration.

Ok, so here’s another question. If I take all the disks out, and replace them with blank ones to test, if it screws something up, will my data be ok if I reset the drobo, downgrade, then put back the original drives?

You really ought to be in touch with Drobo Support. They are very good, or at least have been for me.

  1. You are asking questions no one here can answer - with certainty. I think your plan in post#5 sounds sensible and it should not screw up your data. But I didn’t write the firmware, nor did anyone else here :-).

  2. You do not want to be in a position where you are “stuck” at 1.4.0 and are afraid to advance. Some day you may have a need, and if you ever do contact Drobo Support for some other issue they will want you on the latest and greatest (which usually works). No tech company wants to have to support some old ragged out piece of software because the user doesn’t want to upgrade. And as a practical matter, they really can’t.

  3. My experience with Drobo Support is that they really care- about you, your data, and the performance of the devices. If 1.4.1 hosed your device they want to know, and you should want to know why. They want you to call them and log a case on this (in my opinion, based on more than one conversation with them).

You already know my opinion… :slight_smile:
But really, NeilR’s advice is spot on.

The “little” problem you’re having now may be indicative of a larger, hidden problem waiting to spring on you.

Even if you’re successful, it’s like patching a tire. It’ll get you a bit further, but if you don’t address the issue, you’re likely to have a larger blowout in the near future.