1.3.7 weirdness?

Have a Drobo 2nd gen (firewire) and have been running into nothing but problems all of a sudden.

Problem: Streaming HD movies has become super slow and stutter nonstop (3 different apple TV1’s - tried every variable - wired, wireless n, wireless g, etc - no difference).

Was on Snow Leopard and upgraded to Lion. Upgraded the drobo itself to 1.3.7 and the dashboard to 2.03 or whatever it is.

At first blamed Lion - so much that I clean installed and put Snow Leopard back on.

When I installed Snow Leopard, i installed drobo dashboard 1.8.4 instead of 2 as I wasn’t a huge fan of that. I see no way to downgrade the drobo itself without losing all the data :frowning:

I’ve tried putting a problematic movie on just the imac itself and it seems to stream fine with no hiccups. Same with putting the movie itself on the appletv - streams no problem.

I’ve tried every variable that I can possibly think of - the only one I can’t tweak is the drobo firmware, so i’m left to believe that is the culprit.

Anyone else having issues?

No, no issues with a v2 Drobo attached via FW800 to a MBP running Lion Server. It’s used at home to stream the iTunes library and can send 3 HD movies to 3 different AppleTV’s and music to the garage simultaneously with no stutter.

You didn’t post any information about your unit. % used, type of drives, etc. Have you tried benchmarking your unit using AJA?

How about using disk util to check the filesystem on the Drobo?