1.3.7 screwed me up (maybe?)

Have a gen2 Drobo on Vista SP2 64-bit (via USB). I have been using it for nearly a year on Vista with zero problems so far. Yesterday, I upgraded to 1.3.7. When the upgrade finished, it said I had to reboot Drobo, I clicked Reboot Now, but it said it couldn’t because it was in use. So, I shut down Windows, and Drobo rebooted (lights went out, came back up with the blue trailing lights thingie showing it was booting up, came up successfully, then shut back down). When I started Windows back up, everything seemed OK. I accessed files successfully, and all appeared well.

Today, in the middle of me doing nothing but surfing the web, Windows suddenly gave me a “this device will perform better on a USB2.0 port…” even though I had done nothing (Drobo IS on a USB 2.0 port). When I tried to launch an explorer window, Windows locked up on me. I unplugged my USB devices one-by-one, and nothing happened until I unplugged Drobo, then everything started working fine.

I rebooted Windows, and could not get it to come up cleanly (explorer.exe “stopped responding” – I’d close it and it would just lock up again – could never get to a workable state). I unplugged Drobo, and everything immediately starts working normally. If I plug Drobo back in, I get the “…will work better on a USB2.0 port” message, and Windows becomes unresponsive. I’ve tried every port on my PC and get the same result. I’ve also tried different USB cables.

I moved Drobo to another laptop (Vista SP2 32-bit) and it does exactly the same thing - if I plug it in, it gives me the “USB2.0” error message and locks up explorer.exe. Unplug it, and all is well.

Any ideas? Have I lost all my data? :frowning: I can unplug the power and plug it back in and it boots up without any error lights. It successfully lights my drives green and correctly identifies the amount of data via the blue lights, but I can’t get it to come up in Windows as it always kills explorer.exe.

Help? :frowning:

Try on another PC?

Read again. I’ve tried two. Doubt a third will make a difference.

Does the Drobo show up as a USB 2.0 device on your computer? It’s possible the port on the Drobo went bad. There was a thread about a total failure of a USB port last week: http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=1573

Maybe yours just stopped running at USB 2.0 speeds and fell back to USB 1?

Please open a support case.

Jennifer, email/online support appears to be pretty useless. They didn’t bother to read what I submitted and are asking me to do things I’ve already said I’ve done. I’m getting pretty frustrated. Is phone support any better? Should I just call in later today? (can’t during the day because I don’t have access to my Drobo until I go home).

Yes you can always call. Can you also give me your case #? I’ll take a look at the case.


Whoops - My bad :oops:

No problem – it’s apparently a common phenomenon. :slight_smile: Drobo support did the exact same thing. I opened a ticket and copy/pasted the above info into the ticket and the person told me the exact same thing (to try a different PC). I guess maybe I type too much? I’m trying to supply as much info upfront as possible. If I hadn’t, I’d be having a lot more back-and-forths. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

:slight_smile: My wife has the same problem. The key balance is directed information. But I have the same issue at times too.