1.3.6 lost my data!

Last night I installed firmware 1.3.6 and now Drobo won’t mount and neither Diskwarrior nor Disk Utility nor Tech Tool Deluxe can revive it.

Dashboard 1.6.8 reports CORRECT amount of used and free space and shows all green on all 4 drives but File System format is UNFORMATTED and when you restart 10.6.3 Snow Leopard you get the “disk you are inserting cannot be read…” message.

Any ideas from anyone? Drobo tech support says just keep running Diskwarrior 4.2…seems like I’ll have to go to my backup which is several weeks old…

After you updated the firmware, did you dismount, shut down, and completely unplug the Drobo?

I had behavior similar to yours after upgrading firmware to 1.3.5 and I needed to do a complete cold power cycle on my Drobo before things got back to normal.

Unplug Drobo from power, count slowly to 30, then reconnect it.

I did do it…my problem was that I didn’t dismount! It took a pass of Diskwarrior 4.2 to fix it. Now all is well! I’m loving Drobo again! :slight_smile: