1.3.6 has killed my transfer speeds

I just updated to firmware 1.3.6 on my Gen2. I am connected via USB. It has dropped my transfer speeds by 2/3rds. It won’t go above 15MB/sec. I used to get WAY more than that. This problem started immediately after upgrading to 1.3.6. I have 4 drives that total 3.5GB in size and I have 1TB in data on the Drobo.

What can I do? 1.3.6 has hosed my Drobo!

which firmware were you updating from?

how long has it been since you did the update?

sometimes firmware change the way drobo works slightly - it may still be doing internal housekeeping which is slowing it down.

i’d advise leaving it at least 48 hours before trying to benchmark

I was using the latest version until 1.3.6 became available.

There is no constant activity when transferring files. It writes, stops, writes, stops, write stops, over and over again. Nothing is steady.

and i assume you have tried powering down ad rebooting drobo?

open a support case and send in your logs - they will tell you what it is doing

Waiting 24-48 hours after updating firmware is always good.

Also running chkdsk or repair disk.

Trying a different cable/port.