1.2.0 Firmware Release

B1200i Users,

We have released a new firmware version for the B1200i, 1.2.0. The 1.2.0 firmware is available for download on our website here.

Key Highlights:

[]Increased the the capacity of the storage pool from 32TB to 128TB.
]Users can now create volumes as large as 64TB on current supported platforms (Windows, Mac and VMware).
[]Support for higher drive capacities (e.g. 6TB).
]Performance now scales on a single Volume vs compared to previous firmware versions where multiple volumes were needed in order to get the best performance.
[]Relayout are up to 8x faster, because such task now runs in parallel.
]Improved collection of Diagnostic files under heavy loads.
[]Fixed a crash when BitLocker or SyncToy were used.
]General stability and speed improvement improvements
[*]Better handling of bad disks

Release Notes: here

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